Just a personal website about my hobby… radio controlled aircraft.

The beauty of a well built model taking up in the sky. To me, rc modelling is all about scale models.

After quite a long break from my hobby, I’m back at the start of what I always wanted to do… build flying models of historic aircraft. The Koolhoven F.K.41 will be the first.

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It’s been eightteen years since I flew my last model, so at the moment I’m flying a Big Lift II as trainer. Read more in Big Lift

I’m a bit of a romantic. Sometimes I just can’t resist buying old paper. Books, magazines, adds that carry the atmosphere of days gone by. I put some of my modest collection on this website.
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The aircraft shown in the bar on top of every page, is the BAT F.K.26, the world’s first aircraft specifically designed for commercial aviation; my favorite aircraft.